SoS Collective Sub-Heading

Outstanding Athletes

A group of athletes that inspire us every day.

In 2014, Science of Speed formed the SoS Collective. The SoS Collective is a group of athletes who exemplify the values of our company.  These outstanding athletes inspire us every day, and are examples of how scientific performance testing and personalized coaching can bring out the athlete in all of us. We know that they will inspire you, too. Below, you’ll find more information on these outstanding individuals who participate in sports of all kinds. We are proud to have these athletes serve as ambassadors for Science of Speed.

Want to see more? Search for the hashtag #SoSCollective on social media to follow along with these athletes on their journey.

The SoS Collective Roster of Athletes:

  • Johnny Brizzard
  • Lance Parker
  • Tabitha McNulty
  • Angie Milford
  • Jackson Griffin
  • Travis Dorman
  • Hank Brandes
  • Tyler Griffin

What it takes:

  • A passion for your sport (cycling, triathlon, running)
  • The drive to perform at your best (you don’t have to win but you have to do the best you are capable of)
  • A positive and welcoming attitude
  • A willingness to help others in sport
  • Active on social media with training, nutrition and events
  • Active within a local club and/or group activities (rides, runs & fun events)
  • Influential and enthusiastic about growing the cycling and triathlon community in your region.
  • Enthusiasm for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.