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Michael Maddox


From a multi-sport childhood, Michael fell in love with the drama of cycling in 1988, and began racing at 19. Over the next three years, Michael competed as a Category 3 in the budding sport of American bicycle racing, inspired by the European victories of American professionals like Greg Lemond and the 7-Eleven cycling team. Sidelined by injury in 1991, his love of cycling experienced many highs and lows over the coming decades, but having been bitten by the cycling bug, the sport never left his heart.

In 2008, Michael re-entered the sport as an older, wiser athlete. Inspired by new technologies and great leaps in training methodologies, he purchased an early SRM power meter and a Computrainer. Since then, Michael has participated in multiple century rides, Gran Fondos, and other cycling events, and returned to the sport of competitive cycling as a Masters racer under the guidance of Science of Speed coach, Brady Irwin. He continues to be fascinated by the science of bicycling and human athletic development.

In 2020, Michael will travel to Northern Europe to compete in the Cyclo Sportives preceding the Ronde de van Vlandaaren and Paris-Roubaix, followed by a full season of cycling competition.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Florida State University, a Level III USA Cycling Coach certification, a Level C USA Cycling Official’s license, and multiple certifications in software development and engineering.

With thirty years of wrenching under his belt, and an almost-peculiar love of the bicycle as a machine, Michael specializes in the technology of cycling and the training needs of older racers seeking to improve in the sport. With great enthusiasm and attention to detail, Michael can aid and guide you in becoming the type of athlete you wish to be.


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