1/2 marathon – Final Race build – 3 week – Low Volume


A no-non-sense taper for the half marathon that may not be your “A-race” but you still want to be moderately recovered for and have a little bit of snap in the legs for.

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It is the final three weeks. Let’s add the finishing touches to your half-marathon training!

With a two-week focus on Steady State Run intensity, you will focus on the low to middle end of aerobic capacity, similar to what you can expect during your half marathon. This will help you better understand what a reasonable and sustainable pace is, as well as allow for cardiovascular gains that will help you on race day.


Weeks: 3

Average Weekly volume: 3.5hrs

Longest Workout: How long will it take you to finish a half? This is one of the only instances in our training where we have workouts based on time. We do this because it is important for you to get a great understanding of how your body will respond during your race, test your nutrition and prepare mentally for the vigors of running 13.1 miles.

Average workout length: 40min

Sports: run


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