Swim Stroke Analysis


Let one of our experienced coaches help you by analyzing your swim stroke. Whether in person or with video, our coaches can advise you on changes that can be made, as well as techniques and drills to implement to assist in fixing techniques. This will result in increased efficiency and form.


An athlete’s biomechanics and efficiency is more important for swimming than many other sports. With the high resistance that water places on the body, every imperfection in swim stroke and body line creates drag and causes the athlete to lose speed.

Our Swim Stroke Analysis includes three virtual assessments over an 8-12 week period.  With a repeated assessment approach we have found greater results because the athlete can focus on key factors for a period of time and a coach can once again analyze form and provide additional insight.

Each of the three assessments include a video analysis with coach feedback and drills specific to your needs to help you improve your swim stroke.