Join Science of Speed for virtual trainer workouts on the first and third Wednesday of every month!
Rides will begin at 7 pm EST, geared towards beginner and intermediate or recreational riders, and led by Science of Speed Coach Kristin Halley.
Kristin is an intermediate/recreational rider who only recently started doing prescribed workouts on her bike and has had a lot of fun doing so but feels like it has opened up the door to what she can do as a cyclist! So, she is inviting everyone to join her on these rides twice a month to get a good workout and great group camaraderie.
Anyone wanting to join the ride will have to follow Kristin on Zwift (Kristin Halley) so she can invite you to the ride. A Zwift meetup will be created the Sunday before the ride, and an invite will be sent out to anyone following Kristin by 6 pm EST the day of will receive an invite to join. The interval workout will begin about 5 minutes after the ride starts to give everyone a chance to join. Please try to get on Zwift 5-10 minutes before the group event begins to allow Zwift to complete any updates it may have and to get your trainer synced. Zwift allows riders to join a group event up to 30 minutes late, but know that you may miss the group workout if you join late. Also, know that you can join the group ride and skip the workout to ride with everyone!
If you don’t have a smart trainer and would like to check one of these events out, or if you have difficulties and need in-person help, we will have trainers set up at Science of Speed, and Bethany Willis will be there to help! We can help out with minor technical difficulties for those joining from home but will need to keep on schedule for the rest of the group and continue the ride if it cannot be resolved quickly. Feel free to reach out to Kristin ([email protected]) or Bethany ([email protected]) after the ride to see what can be done to help next time!

We will use Discord to talk with each other during the ride, so make sure to download it to your phone or computer before the ride.

Make your ride more social and join our Discord audio channel! Download Discord & join us for each ride.