Müve w/Retül Bike Fit

Müve assessment w/Retül Bike Fit


The Müve Size Cycle, paired with a Retül 3-d Motion capture fit is the perfect option if you are in the market for a new bike or uncertain what size to get or are looking to purchase a custom bicycle and want to provide your frame builder with the exact measurements needed to build your dream bike!

Ease any apprehension with a pre-fit on our Retül Müve size bike to help determine your optimal position and bike to meet your experience, goals, abilities, limitations and injury history.

This bundle includes a bike fitting. Once your bike is purchased, come back in and perfect your position on your new bike with a custom fit with Retül technology. This fit fine-tunes all of the details on your new bicycle to make those first rides even dreamier!

Want just an assessment without a bike fit? Check out our Müve Bike Fit Assessment.