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Coach Brady Irwin

Losing Motivation? Set A New Kind of Goal

As the future of endurance events continues to be unclear, its important to explore other types of goals that can positively impact your fitness and keep you motivated. Coach Brady
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3 Keys to TT and Triathlon Bike Fits

This is a question that is not a simple "Do XYZ" answer but can be broken down into three key areas to come to a final position.
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Post-Quarantine Weight

Weighing-In on Weight Loss Goals

Fitness and endurance are not determined by the scale – people of all sizes and shapes train, race and achieve their goals every day. That said, losing weight can be a motivating objective and is on the minds of many after this year.
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Is A Noseless Saddle Right For You?

In the last ten years, we have seen an increasing trend in saddle manufacturers to create a short or no nose saddle.  These saddles originated in Pro Tour TTs as
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Take A Seat

As the Science of Speed team guides athletes with custom coaching and when we provide professional bike fits, one of the most frequent questions asked is, “Where should I be
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