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Your First Tri Bike

Many individuals get into triathlon with a running or swimming background. Their first order of business is to purchase their first “real” bike. The question they ask us most often is, “What is the best bike to get?”  Like many questions in the world of endurance sports, the simple answer is, “It depends.”  That said, we do have some advice that might point you in the right direction.
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To roll or not to roll?

Should you foam roll after your next run or bike ride? Not all post-workout activities are created equal. 
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Cycling Base build

What’s the difference between a Bike Sizing and a Bike Fit?

Do you know the difference? Sometimes cyclists think these two services are the same...but they just don't compare. We're breaking down the key elements of each.
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Bike Fit Box Launches Bike Saddle Box

Friends of Science of Speed know that we take great pride in our expert bike fits. Last year, we launched Bike Fit Box to bring that expertise to cyclists through
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Erg or Resistance Mode for Intervals?

A question that athletes have been asking us a lot lately is: should I be using erg or resistance mode when I’m completing an interval workout on the bike training? As the answer often is with training, it depends… but here are some things to keep in mind as you decide which is best for you!
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