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Nutrition Marketing versus Reality

There are many foods out there that you see the packaging of and chuckle a bit because you know it is so outrageous to be healthy. Take Swedish fish, for
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Cycling Group Ride Etiquette

We receive many questions and concerns from newer cyclists regarding the dynamics and etiquette of their first group ride or mass start event. Luckily, both of these scenarios are handled
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Aero Testing Is Here!

For decades the gold standard of aerodynamics has been the wind tunnel. For manufacturers, this is a great way to test equipment. Unfortunately, for many cyclists and triathletes, the thousands
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Why Training With a Power is Better Than Heart Rate

Power meters have become much more prevalent in bike equipment in the past five years. Prices have come down significantly as the market has become more competitive. Manufacturers are making
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What to Look for When Shopping for a Power Meter

With the increasing popularity of cycling power meters, athletes often ask what power meter is the best, and what type they should purchase. There are many different options, and it
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