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Learn From Your DNF

A DNF (Did Not Finish) can sometimes be hard to swallow. However, when you take a step back, sit down, and thoroughly analyze what happened, what could have been improved and how you can do better next time, you can turn a humbling experience into a great growing opportunity! Learn how Coach Kristin Halley did just that!
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Do I Need to do Run Speed Work to Get Faster?

A common question we receive from runners is, “Don’t I need speed workouts to get faster?” It makes sense why we get this question so frequently. Many of the free
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Cycling Base build

Why do my hands go numb while riding my bike?

During the fitting process, we often hear about riders who experience numbness in their hands. This numbness is often correlated to compression or constriction of the nerve(s) and in the hand. Let’s talk nerdy with resident bike fit expert Coach Brady and examine the science behind this issue!
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Your First Tri Bike

Many individuals get into triathlon with a running or swimming background. Their first order of business is to purchase their first “real” bike. The question they ask us most often is, “What is the best bike to get?”  Like many questions in the world of endurance sports, the simple answer is, “It depends.”  That said, we do have some advice that might point you in the right direction.
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To roll or not to roll?

Should you foam roll after your next run or bike ride? Not all post-workout activities are created equal. 
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