Silca Super Secret Chain Lube – 4 oz


Whether you are looking for a faster chain, a cleaner drivetrain, or want your equipment to last longer, our pre-waxed chains will provide just that. With up to a 30% reduction in friction, you will find more efficiency and greater life out of your chains!

Before being dipped in Silca’s Secret Chain Blend, your new chain receives three unique cleansing baths that help to remove all factory grease, allowing for optimum penetration in a warm bath of Silca Secret Chain Blend.

You can expect approximately 200-300 miles, condition-dependent. However, unlike other products, the beauty of this process is that once this hot wax blend has permeated your chain, you can supplement your chain with Silca’s Super Secret Chain Wax and retain a large amount of the benefits of the hot melt wax while keeping your chain quiet and protected

Each chain is prepared upon order. Please allow three additional days for us to ship your faster, smoother, and longer-lasting chain.


Silca Super Secret Chain Lube provides unparalleled performance and cleanliness.

4oz bottle

  • The chain should be VERY clean and dry before applying, How to Clean and Wax a Chain
  • Apply according to video and let dry for AT LEAST 12 hours for optimal results, 24 hours if applied in cool or humid weather conditions!  We recommend applying the lube AFTER your ride so it’s ready for next time!  See Chart Below for more Info
  • NOTE: Over time the WS2 will begin to settle to the bottom of the bottle, shake well before using!



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