How do I Calculate FTP?

Functional Threshold Power has become an important detail to know with the substantial increase in the utilization of power meters. However, we have found a few clear and concise locations to find out how to calculate your FTP based on your field test results, so we wanted to help you make your training more accurate.

Ramp Test: In analyzing your results your test results, you will find your one-minute peak power and take 75% of this number to find your FTP.
Example: 300W (peak 1 minute power) x .75 = 225w (FTP)
2×8-minute field test: You will find that 90% of your best 8-minute power is where FTP lies. If there is a large discrepancy between your two efforts (>10%), it may be wise to average the two numbers and calculate them based on the average.
Example: 250W (best 8 minute power) x .9 = 225w (FTP)
20-minute field test: 95% of your 20-minute field test results will provide you with your FTP.
Example: 250w (20 minute power) x .95 = 237W (FTP)