Premier Aero Fit

Proper Fit

Aerodynamics begins with the athlete. Our goal with our aero fitting is to place you, as the rider, in the most efficient position possible to improve biomechanics as aerodynamics.


Once a position is determined in the fit studio, it is time to find what details work best with your anatomical structure to create the fastest sustainable fit on your bicycle.

Physiology & Equipment

Add time to your fit assessment by determining the physiological impacts of positional changes or the aerodynamic changes of additional equipment, such as wheels, helmets, and kit.


Bicyle fit has been performed similarly for decades. In a fitting studio or a bike shop, you were set up in a stationary position with a pre-determined set of rules and theories.

Aero-testing has shown over the years that many of these preconceived notions are not constants for every athlete and body type. These notions, like high hands or helmet shapes, could lead to slower athlete splits.

PRICE: $500


PLEASE NOTE: A Power Meter is required for this service.

Stand-alone Aero Testing available at $100 per hour.
Simultaneous Metabolic Testing is also available at $100/hour.


AeroPro, from AeroLab Technologies, is the essential device that makes our Aero Fit what it is. Calculating the Coefficient of Drag area (CdA) while simultaneously monitoring power, heart rate, aerodynamic zones, true corrected elevation, and wind conditions makes AeroPro the most accurate device on the market.

While calculating wind speed is essential, AeroPro takes it further and factors in the ever-important yaw (wind angle). This detail provides critical data that ensures the accuracy of your readings.