Aero Testing Is Here!

For decades the gold standard of aerodynamics has been the wind tunnel. For manufacturers, this is a great way to test equipment. Unfortunately, for many cyclists and triathletes, the thousands of dollars it costs to schedule time at a wind tunnel, plus travel expenses, is sure to take a big bite out of your equipment and racing budget ultimately deterring one from the many benefits that aerodynamic testing can result in.

We are excited to be one of the only North American fitters that has access to AeroLab’s AeroPro sensor! This device produces repeatable, accurate real-world aerodynamic testing with enough precision to measure differences in rider position, frames, wheels, helmets, and even a cycling kit!

Wind tunnels have their place, but real world testing offers data that provides significant benefits, which include:


Reduced Cost – Testing with Science of Speed and the AeroPro can be done for several hundred dollars to test a multitude of equipment and positions in two hours.

Real World Testing – This means that we can test you in your sustainable position, at your race speed and at a cadence and effort level you will ride at. 

Whole Package Analysis – Often times parts and frames are tested individually in a wind tunnel but we race with the entire package and each piece impacts the other, whether positively or negatively. With the AeroPro sensor, we are able to quantify the impacts of the rider and equipment and how they affect one another.


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