A Coaches Job is Not to be Liked

My wife and I have a little saying. We have always felt it is incredibly fitting in a relationship. “Love you always, like you sometimes.”

We believe it so much that we wanted it in our vows (that got nixed by her father, the officiant of our wedding, who said, “No.”) That aside, it is a very true statement. As partners, we are here to support each other and help one another grow. Sometimes that means what you are being told isn’t what you want to hear.  A recent interaction with an athlete made me think of this in a coaching capacity as well.

Discouraged Athlete

You don’t always have to like your coach. In fact, if they are doing their job, you probably won’t always like them.  A coach’s job is to take the facts of what you want to achieve, where you are currently at, and your personal physiology to decipher how to best plan out your training.  

Often times, this is followed by praise and motivation, but, at the right time, it is also accompanied with some critique, pushing you past what you think is possible as well as providing you with a bit of tough love.  The ultimate goal is not that you always like your coach, but that you are able to meet the goals that you set out to accomplish.  

As a coach, I love seeing my athletes reach their goals and hate to see them fall short due to something that could have been done differently or better.  

Next time your coach posts a workout you don’t enjoy, you get some tough love on something you didn’t do at 100% or you keep getting pushed beyond what you may feel is possible, remember that you don’t always have to like them but you will always love the results.

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