Your Medications May Have a Greater Impact on You as an Athletes

Some medications can have a negative impact on athletic performance and put you at greater risk for injury.

Professional athletes have to be diligent about the medications and supplements that they put in their bodies. Ingesting the wrong pill could ultimately result in disqualification or even suspension from their sport, which is why the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) prohibited list alongside programs like Certified for Sport are an athlete and coach’s best friend when it comes to selecting products. 

But have you ever considered some of the medications you are using and how they could negatively impact you? This has been brought to our attention once again as we have had multiple athletes recently be treated with an antibiotic, Ciproflaxin, a medication used for joint infections, lower respiratory tract infections and numerous other reasons. Unfortunately for some of these athletes they were not informed of the side effects which Pharmacist, Thomas Howell states could include: “diarrhea, confusion, fast or irregular heartbeats, muscle pain or stiffness, and joint pain. These are minor side effects that can cause an athlete to question their training or other wrongly suspected culprits. The major side effect of Ciprofloxacin, most dangerously associated with athletes, is its possibility for tendon rupture.” 
This does not mean that you are guaranteed to have a tendon rupture but as Howell states, “It is worth noting that the weakening or tightening of tendons(a result of the medication) in athletes places them at a greater risk of injury. Thus, these types of medications should be used with caution.” 
We bring this to your attention, not to scare you, but to remind you that you are your own best advocate and, just as you select your nutrition and hydration products for training and racing you must also make informed decisions for your long term health and lifestyle with medications as you lifestyle is abnormal to what most doctors are accustomed to working with.


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ANNOUNCING Service Course: the Addition of Bicycle Maintenance Services!

You have spoken and we listened. We are EXCITED to announce that we will begin providing bicycle maintenance and repair services to the Tallahassee community!

Offering the highest quality and level of bicycle service to keep your bike looking good, riding great and performing flawlessly.

SERVICE COURSE is by appointment to allow you to schedule your bicycle maintenance around your cycling adventures. 


  • Schedule your appointment
  • Drop off your bike at your scheduled time.
  • Receive your bike back looking and riding like new!

Single Origin: $175

This is our standard brew. First, we degrease everywhere grit and grime likes to hide. Then we get sudsy, the bike is given a luxurious bath that leaves everything feeling fresh and clean. After the wash, we protect the bolts with an anti-rust treatment, properly lubricate the drivetrain, and protect the finish. Lastly, we Address and adjust every component on the bike, bringing them back into operating spec and proper torque.

Double Shot: $275

Everything we love about the Single Origin, but more so. To start, the chain is submerged in its own 2 bath system for a deeper clean. Secondly, the wheels are removed from the frame, cleaned, and trued independently. Brake Pads and Rotors are cleaned and resurfaced. This also gives us better access to the derailleurs and brake calipers. Bikes with Hydraulic Disc Brakes are bled and Mechanical Drivetrains and Brake will have inner cables replaced if needed.

Red Eye: $375

For when the Double Shot is just not enough. We go further and break the bike down to the frame. Every part and component is washed, inspected, and protected at an individual level. If you think Di2 cables are needed, hydraulic hoses, mechanical brake and shift housing, hub bearings, bottom bracket bearings, or headset bearings replaced, then look no further!

Holiday Hustle Workouts

The Holiday season is jam packed with parties, travel, and family time that often makes it challenging to get a good workout in. We want to help!
Whether on the road, or trying to cram in a quick workout while still keeping the family happy, one of these three free workouts is certain to fit the bill in nearly any setting.


  1. Active – 5 min @ 75 % FTP

  2. Warm up – 30 sec @ 120 % FTP

  3. Active – 2 min @ 75 % FTP

  4. Warm up – 30 sec @ 150 % FTP

  5. Active – 2 min @ 75 % FTP

  6. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  7. Active – 3 min @ 85-92 % FTP

  8. Recovery – 4 min @ 55 % FTP

  9. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  10. Active – 3 min @ 85-92 % FTP

  11. Recovery – 4 min @ 55 % FTP

  12. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  13. Tempo – 3 min @ 85-92 %  FTP

  14. Recovery – 4 min @ 55 % FTP

  15. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  16. Tempo – 3 min @ 85-92 %  FTP

  17. Cool Down – 5 min @ 40 % FTP



  1. Warm up – 4 min @ 65-80 % Threshold Pace

  2. Repeat 4 times

    1. Pickup – 15 sec @ 100 % Threshold Pace

    2. Recovery – 45 sec @ 80 % Threshold Pace

  3. Ramp up in 4 steps (repeat 3 times)

    1. Steady State – 1:30 @ 92 % Threshold Pace
    2. Tempo Run – 1:30 @ 96 % Threshold Pace
    3. Threshold Run – 1:30 @ 100 % Threshold Pace

    4. Threshold Run – 1:30 @ 104 % Threshold Pace
  4. Recovery – 5 min @ 65-80 % Threshold Pace

  5. Cool Down – 5 min @ 55-70 % Threshold Pace