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ANNOUNCING Service Course: the Addition of Bicycle Maintenance Services!

You have spoken and we listened. We are EXCITED to announce that we will begin providing bicycle maintenance and repair services to the Tallahassee community!

Offering the highest quality and level of bicycle service to keep your bike looking good, riding great and performing flawlessly.

SERVICE COURSE is by appointment to allow you to schedule your bicycle maintenance around your cycling adventures. 


  • Schedule your appointment
  • Drop off your bike at your scheduled time.
  • Receive your bike back looking and riding like new!

Single Origin: $175

This is our standard brew. First, we degrease everywhere grit and grime likes to hide. Then we get sudsy, the bike is given a luxurious bath that leaves everything feeling fresh and clean. After the wash, we protect the bolts with an anti-rust treatment, properly lubricate the drivetrain, and protect the finish. Lastly, we Address and adjust every component on the bike, bringing them back into operating spec and proper torque.

Double Shot: $275

Everything we love about the Single Origin, but more so. To start, the chain is submerged in its own 2 bath system for a deeper clean. Secondly, the wheels are removed from the frame, cleaned, and trued independently. Brake Pads and Rotors are cleaned and resurfaced. This also gives us better access to the derailleurs and brake calipers. Bikes with Hydraulic Disc Brakes are bled and Mechanical Drivetrains and Brake will have inner cables replaced if needed.

Red Eye: $375

For when the Double Shot is just not enough. We go further and break the bike down to the frame. Every part and component is washed, inspected, and protected at an individual level. If you think Di2 cables are needed, hydraulic hoses, mechanical brake and shift housing, hub bearings, bottom bracket bearings, or headset bearings replaced, then look no further!

Holiday Hustle Workouts

The Holiday season is jam packed with parties, travel, and family time that often makes it challenging to get a good workout in. We want to help!
Whether on the road, or trying to cram in a quick workout while still keeping the family happy, one of these three free workouts is certain to fit the bill in nearly any setting.


  1. Active – 5 min @ 75 % FTP

  2. Warm up – 30 sec @ 120 % FTP

  3. Active – 2 min @ 75 % FTP

  4. Warm up – 30 sec @ 150 % FTP

  5. Active – 2 min @ 75 % FTP

  6. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  7. Active – 3 min @ 85-92 % FTP

  8. Recovery – 4 min @ 55 % FTP

  9. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  10. Active – 3 min @ 85-92 % FTP

  11. Recovery – 4 min @ 55 % FTP

  12. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  13. Tempo – 3 min @ 85-92 %  FTP

  14. Recovery – 4 min @ 55 % FTP

  15. VO2 – 2 min @ 140-155 % FTP

  16. Tempo – 3 min @ 85-92 %  FTP

  17. Cool Down – 5 min @ 40 % FTP



  1. Warm up – 4 min @ 65-80 % Threshold Pace

  2. Repeat 4 times

    1. Pickup – 15 sec @ 100 % Threshold Pace

    2. Recovery – 45 sec @ 80 % Threshold Pace

  3. Ramp up in 4 steps (repeat 3 times)

    1. Steady State – 1:30 @ 92 % Threshold Pace
    2. Tempo Run – 1:30 @ 96 % Threshold Pace
    3. Threshold Run – 1:30 @ 100 % Threshold Pace

    4. Threshold Run – 1:30 @ 104 % Threshold Pace
  4. Recovery – 5 min @ 65-80 % Threshold Pace

  5. Cool Down – 5 min @ 55-70 % Threshold Pace

Sweat Testing

When we exert ourselves or stay in the heat, we begin to sweat and lose salt through the
pores of our skin. What we have to be sure to do after this is replenish that salt that was lost
through consumption via food/liquids. But how do we know how much we’re supposed to
have and how to avoid dehydration in the process? The solution is simple! With the sweat rate
test, we are able to see exactly how much sodium you lose, per 32oz, without you having to
even move from your seat.

When you come in for your test, we will connect two electrodes to gel pads placed on
your forearm and run the machine for about five minutes. This induces sweating in the spot of
the electrodes, allowing us to collect the sweat for about 30-45 minutes afterwards. With the
sample collected we run it through our analyzer and see exactly how much salt is lost through
your sweat.

So why is this something you would want to know? Salt plays a crucial role in how our
body functions, especially when exercising. By knowing if you lose a little or a lot of salt during
your typical workouts, you can hydrate different ways. For those that lose a higher amount of
sodium in their sweat, they will most likely benefit from drinking an electrolyte drink with a
specific amount of sodium before, during, and after they workout in order to stay hydrated and
keep their muscles working properly. With the Precision Hydration test, they are able to take
your data and the type of exercising you do and formulate a plan specific to your body’s needs
before, during, and after to keep you performing your best and help with recovery time. If your
goals or training change, you can go to your account and change the and a new plan will be
made based off of the sweat test results so that you only have to come in one time for the test!



Nutrition Marketing versus Reality

There are many foods out there that you see the packaging of and chuckle a bit because you know it is so outrageous to be healthy. Take Swedish fish, for example. One of my guilty pleasures promotes on the packaging that it is “fat-free.” Unfortunately, the beloved marketing of the 90s and the generational hatred of fat went so far as to make candy seem a better option. No matter how much I love these little guys, I know they may be fat-free, but that makes them far from healthy for me to add as a consistent part of my daily diet, no matter how much I may want to.

The newest marketing is to push “high protein,” “natural,” and “organic” options. But, much like a magician, the marketing teams for much of the food industry seem to use sleight of hand. This marketing makes us focus on one detail while ignoring what the other hand is doing.

One of the products that first pinged my radar was the Kodiak Cakes pancake mix. I have often heard people say they are making a better choice by eating more protein. So, of course, you are consuming more protein, but when the serving size is equal, you get the following calorie count:


Aunt Jemima Pancake/Waffle 

Kodiak Cakes

Carbohydrates (grams)



Protein (grams)



Total Calories




I point this out because we often search for a more protein-rich option to be more filling. However, if we are not careful, it would mean that we could mistakenly consume 40% more calories by eating the “healthier” option.

So, as you focus on your nutrition, whether for health, weight loss, or simply trying to change your macronutrient percentages, pay attention to the details, not the marketing.

Cycling Group Ride Etiquette

We receive many questions and concerns from newer cyclists regarding the dynamics and etiquette of their first group ride or mass start event. Luckily, both of these scenarios are handled very similarly. These articles can provide the insight you may need to help you feel more confident the first time you join a group of cyclists, you may not be familiar with!


First time on a new Group Ride – The title says it all; if you are a first-timer in a group setting, you can follow these pointers to reduce stress and have a great time!


Group Riding 101 – Okay, it isn’t your first rodeo, but you don’t want to be a fly on the wall and would like to work with others? Perfect, here are some basics of how to rotate through properly


Group Riding 201 – Feeling pretty confident now? That is great! It is time to improve your skillset and start working like a well-oiled machine while conserving energy. Learn the basics of a paceline here.


Group Riding 301 – If you have made it through the first three articles and are still with us, then maybe you are one of “the fast guys” in your community, have some race experience, are interested in racing, or like watching the pro tour races and want a better understanding of the dynamics of echelons and double pacelines. Here is your chance!



Have a question you would like answered? Then, let us know; we are here for you, the athlete!