An Eye Opening RedEye Velo Junior Team Spring Camp

This was my second year to have been privileged to be a part of the Redeye Velo Junior Team spring cycling camp in North Georgia. Unlike our summer camp, this one is designed specifically for their more experienced riders. The mountain passes, cold weather, possibility of rain and or snow coupled with the fun 40+mph descents is enough to elicit this. This year was a different year for me and an eye opening one to say the least. In previous years I have had a moderate amount of fitness this time of year and I have felt good on nearly every ride.  I have slacked off considerably in the past 6 months and this weekend as I was climbing up several of the passes and in the pain cave I realized that is not the case this season.  This would not be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that in less than 10 weeks I have a 200 mile gravel road race (Dirty Kanza 200) that I will be participating in and my competitive side will not let me go in and simply participate. So…what does that mean?  It means now is time to ramp it up and ramp it up considerably.  So, I have taken the steps that I recommend many athletes do but not be as dense as I am and wait until so close to time.  Call and get a coach.  I called my close friend and co-worker, Patrick Valentine, and he has constructed a bomb proof training plan for me!  You might be thinking, “Brady, you are a coach.  Why would you get another coach?” and that is a great question!  I get a coach for my events because it is an unbiased eye.  I know another person will push me when I might not want to push and tell me to not be an idiot if I am over thinking things. 

The training is covered, the goals are laid out and now it is on me.  With Patrick’s help and watchful eye over the next 10 weeks I know that things will come together nicely. So, in the coming weeks you will see me.  Riding the pavement, logging miles on the red clay roads and fine tuning my body to be prepared for the Flint Hills of Kansas.

written by:

Coach Brady Irwin

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