Beat Cold and Flu Season

It is that time of year.  Cold and Flu season!

We have seen it at SoS already.  Our staff and our families have all come down with something, as well as our athletes..  The holidays and togetherness are a wonderful thing — except for when we are sharing each other’s germs.

Over the coming weeks and months, here are several practices recommended by WebMD that you may want to stick with or adopt so that you can stay healthy and continue to see increases in your fitness:

Exercise – Yep, that thing you love has been proven to help boost immune function.  Here is the key though: light to moderate activity is what tends to boost immune function.  High volume or intensity workouts are considered a stressor and can actually decrease immune function.

Eat Healthy – A well balanced diet complete with foods that are high in vitamins and minerals can help to reduce the risk of illness

Sleep quality and quantity – During sleep your body produces cytokines, which help the body combat foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria.  Conveniently these same cytokines also help you sleep. Kind of a win-win.  Not to mention the other benefits of sleep such as mental clarity, lower blood pressure, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes and improved mood.

Stay healthy during cold and flu season

Wash your hands – Dirt don’t hurt, but germs do!  Whether you are a germaphobe or not, let’s go with what your mom told you growing up. “Don’t touch that! You don’t know where it has been.”  Shopping carts, door knobs or any of the other common use items in this world are a quick way to spread germs. It is simple: just wash your hands.

Teach your kids – Getting back to school usually means kids are sharing more than just toys and pencils.  Teach your child the vampire cough/sneeze and teach them how to wash their hands properly.

Get the Flu Vaccine – Vaccination is controversial for so many, but take it for what you want.  It can be a benefit.

Clean to kill germs – Use disinfectants when cleaning and don’t keep the rags or sponges around too long.  They are bacteria breeding grounds.

Sick and unsure how you should alter your training? Our coaches are always ready to update your training plan based on your health. Reach out to us today and learn about all the benefits of customized coaching.

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