Cycling Group Ride Etiquette

We receive many questions and concerns from newer cyclists regarding the dynamics and etiquette of their first group ride or mass start event. Luckily, both of these scenarios are handled very similarly. These articles can provide the insight you may need to help you feel more confident the first time you join a group of cyclists, you may not be familiar with!


First time on a new Group Ride – The title says it all; if you are a first-timer in a group setting, you can follow these pointers to reduce stress and have a great time!


Group Riding 101 – Okay, it isn’t your first rodeo, but you don’t want to be a fly on the wall and would like to work with others? Perfect, here are some basics of how to rotate through properly


Group Riding 201 – Feeling pretty confident now? That is great! It is time to improve your skillset and start working like a well-oiled machine while conserving energy. Learn the basics of a paceline here.


Group Riding 301 – If you have made it through the first three articles and are still with us, then maybe you are one of “the fast guys” in your community, have some race experience, are interested in racing, or like watching the pro tour races and want a better understanding of the dynamics of echelons and double pacelines. Here is your chance!



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