Don’t Fear the Field Test

Many athletes have GPS devices, heart rate monitors and power meters collecting data for them continually.  It is now easier than ever, with auto sync features, to upload your files to Garmin Connect, Strava or, our favorite coaching tool, TrainingPeaks.  With the copious amounts of data that are being flung at the internet on a daily basis, it is apparent to us that many athletes do not know what any of the information being recorded means or how they can best utilize it.

Speaking with athletes at races, events, on group rides and in passing, we have found that there is one key reason many athletes do not use the data from their devices more.  FEAR.  Yep, they are afraid to field test and get ranges that would improve the overall results that training could provide.  Why is this?  People are afraid to know what their data is telling them in regards to their threshold numbers. They are afraid it will be lower than where they feel it should be, afraid of being compared to others, afraid of being judged for what they feel is a lack of fitness or even afraid of going all out to get the right data.  

Stop worrying and start training!  Let’s get past this fear.  By not taking these actions to find your training ranges, you are only limiting yourself, but also perpetuating the cycle of fear.  Whether you run or cycle, a field test is necessary to get the correct ranges to increase your training efficiency.  The numbers mean absolutely nothing unless you have a gauge to base them all off off.  So, get out there and perform your cycling field test and/or your running field test.

Are you unsure of what to do with the data once it is collected?  Let us know.  We will help you take the information and turn it into something of value to you!

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