Early Summer Slump

Being headquartered in the South, we experience some of the harshest elements to train in, with high temperatures and humidity that will make you sweat just walking out the door. Over the years, we continue to notice that every season, after the “Spring” weather comes to an abrupt halt, we receive a great deal of feedback from athletes that their intervals become increasingly challenging to complete. If you experience this same feeling as summer temperatures set in for you, these are several things that you can and should do to help you have a great summer of training:

  • Decrease your intensity for two weeks – This time period of exercising in the heat will allow your body to acclimate to the change in temperature and cool more effectively. 

  • Make sure you consume more fluid – Part of the heat acclimatization process increases your blood plasma volume. If you are not pushing drink mix during training to allow your body to acclimate this will take longer.

  • Complete a new Field Test/Ramp Test – It may just be that due to the heat, your body is having to work harder to cool, and therefore your FTP has decreased slightly.

Remember, heat can be very dangerous when exercising and heat stroke is not something we want any athlete to experience. Listen to your body, stay on top of fluid consumption, and, if necessary, cut your workouts short and get out of the heat.