Eating Healthy on the Road

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One of the largest struggles we face when it comes to eating better, and training is finding food options on the road that meet your needs without derailing your nutrition. We need food that will fill and fuel us in a timely manner so we can get to our destination on time, and going to a sit-down restaurant isn’t the most convenient. The aim of this is to provide you with healthier options at some of the more common locations we see while driving or flying to our destination. By no means does this mean we recommend these locations be a part of your daily diet, but to provide you with a better understanding of what to look for.



  • Breakfast:

    • Sausage burrito with hash browns

    • Fruit and maple oatmeal

    • Sausage McMuffin with egg

  • Lunch/Dinner

    • Chicken sandwich with a side of fruit

    • Many of their options are very high in calories, so ideally, we want to keep sandwiches to a single patty, avoiding multiple patty options such as a Big Mac


  • Bowls are an excellent option (the tortilla is 320 calories). Avoid excess sour cream and cheese since they’re very high in calories if reducing calories is your goal.

  • Example Bowl:

    • Half rice, half lettuce with chicken, with black or pinto beans, salsa, corn, fajita veggies and guacamole


  • Egg bites

  • Turkey sausage, egg, and cheese english muffin

  • Wake up wrap with turkey bacon

  • A note: many of their drinks contain 30g+ of sugar; this is where we see many empty calories. A different approach can be asking for their unsweetened flavors and mixing them with some sweeteners if you prefer a sweeter drink


  • Egg bites

  • Bacon, Gouda, and egg sandwich

  • Berry trio parfait

  • Oatmeal

  • Protein Boxes 


  • Breakfast

    • Egg white grill

    • Hash brown scramble bowl

    • Bacon, egg, and cheese muffin

    • Greek yogurt parfait

  • Lunch/ Dinner

    • Grilled Nuggets

    • Grilled chicken sandwich

    • Chick-fil-a cool wrap

    • Market salad*

    • Spicy southwest salad*

    • Cobb salad*


*Dressing/sauce packets can be 300cal; using half a packet will significantly cut down on calories, or even opting for a light dressing (25-80cal)