Good Plan, Better Body, Best Athlete

Many times as athletes we spend our seasons in a continual effort to become faster runners, stronger cyclists, more aerodynamic or a bit little more lean.  With this continual effort there is a constant stress and strain placed on the body.  These stressors can be both mental and physical and either way we are continually digging holes and very infrequently do we take the opportunity to fill those holes back in. Just like a race car has a chassis designed to handle the stresses that the motor can place on it but also the courses that it will race on so too we must prepare our bodies for the training and racing that we intend to do.  Now is the time to improve the platform that the rest of this year will be based on and we feel that there are three places you can begin.  In the coming weeks we will focus on filling the holes including stretching, structural maintenance and strengthening.    

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