Harden The BRICK Up! Part 2

ucy, Lance, Jeff and JT
of the Rose City Tri Club[/caption] Continuing our Harden The BRICK Up! series we met up with a group of athletes from the Rose City Tri Club this past weekend to work on pacing. Following the workout, the main focus of the discussion was on how much mental state can effect performance. Often an athletes will push themselves harder when they’re chasing someone down but once they catch or pass that person, their pace drops off. Or on an out and back course they find they can push a little harder on the return because they know the end is in sight and aren’t worried about blowing up too soon. By practicing at race pace over the same distances you will encounter in your event you can familiarize yourself with what those efforts feel like and have a better understanding of what your body is capable of. More often than not, you will find you’re a lot stronger than you                                                                      gave yourself credit for. 

Rose City Tri
Thomasville Tri Club

 Next month’s brick will be in Thomasville. Saturday, April 19th at 9am. (Here are the maps for Bike and Run)

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