Holiday Season Hullabaloo

For so many individuals the Holidays are a time of amazing spreads of food that tend to lead to temptation above and beyond our daily routine, over indulgence and lower levels of activity due to busy schedules.  Due to the plethora of food that is available and the holiday hustle many people decrease their training and  gain weight during the holidays SoS is here to help!  Take advantage of our Off-Season Eliminator coaching packages and have a SoS coach help you stave off the dreaded holiday weight gain, make the most of your training with your limited schedule and become more fit while you are working your way through the holidays.  Pass the rolls to the next person and let us help you get rid of some rolls of your own! Our coaching programs start as low as $175/month and are just the step you need in the right direction to kick start your holiday season and get an early jump on 2013!

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