New Year, New Approach

You have been at this point in the past, or maybe you are there now: the New Year comes around, and you create a list of New Year’s resolutions you want to maintain. Whether it is fitness, mental health, how you eat, or just showing up for yourself, most resolutions are long forgotten come February.
The issue we run into isn’t the goal itself; however, it’s our approach to the goal. If your goal is to run a half marathon, even though you’ve never run over a mile before, the first few runs are going to be difficult. If we approach the large goals we have for ourselves with the mindset that we are going to be able to complete them right away, we will be discouraged right away and give up or lessen the goal.
The key is to break the goal down into smaller, attainable goals. The goal of running 13.1 miles is daunting, so instead, we break it down into smaller goals. Maybe beginning with walking for 15 minutes, then walking/jogging, then jogging, and before you know it you are running 3-4 miles at a time and building your way up to that final half marathon distance. By the time you reach 13 miles, you’ll be stronger, more aerobically fit, and have trained until you can reach your goal and form a habit that will benefit your health.
This method is not only for sports but can also be applied for almost any goal you may have set for yourself. By breaking the goal into smaller “micro goals”, you make the goals more attainable, provide positive reinforcement throughout as you attain the smaller goals and allow your body and mind to adjust to the adapt, setting yourself up for long term success so long as you stick to it!