Science of Speed is excited to announce a new partnership that will help us better serve our athletes. We’re adding the next piece of the performance puzzle: nutrition. Ryan Kohler, MS is a sports nutritionist, endurance athlete, and coach. Both his education and experience make him the expert in advising on baseline, training, and event day nutrition. As you work towards your goals, Ryan will now be able to help you build the ultimate nutritional plan that perfectly compliments your customized Science of Speed training.

As a youth athlete, Ryan competed in mountain bike racing, multisport events, freestyle and GS ski competitions, and running events. He grew from an athlete to a coach and nutritionist, applying his education to athletes of all ages and ability levels. 

As our nutrition partner, Ryan will help Science of Speed athletes in two key ways: creating nutritional baselines and creating nutrition plans for training and events. 

A nutritional baseline service generates a comprehensive foundation for athletes and active individuals of any ability level. It is great for student-athletes, weight management, and improving nutrition quality or eating habits. In addition, athletes suffering from overtraining/under-recovery or chronic low energy will find this assessment as an excellent way to make changes to enhance healthy eating patterns, improve recovery, and promote high-quality exercise and training sessions over the long term.

The event and training nutrition planning service utilizes the same steps, knowledge, and expertise but through the lens of your unique endurance event. Design or update your fueling and hydration plans for training and race day for peak performance!

Curious to discover your body’s unique metabolism? Want to dial in your nutrition needs for your next event or upcoming training cycle? Send a message to us now!

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