Nya Långa Lugnet, Falun, Sweden

This past weekend, SoS Athlete, Colin Osborn Raced in Falun Sweden and here is his race Recap! 

Wow! What a sweet race! I was already having an awesome time in Stockholm, riding and and sight seeing, but the racing has been really fun. Partly aside from the adventure it was a welcome to return to racing and feeling as good as I did back in March, where I was able to perform how I felt I should. The course it self was really cool, pretty much 3, 20km loops at the Falun ski mountain in Northern Sweden of really fast, fun, twisty and technical mountain biking. The last loop was my favorite, having the most climbing and also single track. The last 2km actually reminded me a lot of riding in Breckenridge and Snowmass, Colorado. In pre-riding I was really enjoying how fast everything and was curious to see how it was going to be in racing. 

Race day came, and was off fast with some gavel road sections that kept everyone in a pack for quite some time. In the beginning it was a lot like a road race, people jockeying for position and also trying to keep the pace high. Luckily I was able to stay out of trouble and keep decent position. Once we got off the roads I was struggling to pass people, but was able to move up a pretty good amount. I really went deep in the race, but did feel better and better as the race progressed. On the last lap I really tried to turn it up and go all out in an effort to make up more places and came away in 23rd. I was hoping for a top 20, but, for hopping off a 16hr plane only a few days before and still having some jet lag, I’ll take it. I love racing in other countries and seeing what they have as their race courses. being from Colorado I feel we have a wide variety of terrains and courses, but always fun to check out other ones. Plus, after years and years of watching ski events here at Falun, it was petty cool being able to race here myself, even if it was on my bike 😉 

Next up it’s off to Germany for the start of Trans Germany, or Bike Four Peaks as it’s been renamed this year. Up up up! Follow Colin on his blog here!

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