Rainy Day Interval Workout

Rainy days are one of the hardest things to get out for and get a workout in.  So, let us help you with your rainy day.  Here is a trainer workout that will test you and help to improve your fitness. Preface:  We don’t believe in “entertainment workouts” but we do believe in accomplishing something in a workout.  So we add our physiology expertise to our workouts to make something that will benefit you in a minimal amount of time and give you something to focus on (the effort) other than a wall.


Warmup: 10 minutes

5 minutes (RPE: 5/10)

30 Second – Fast Pedal 110+Rpm (hips should not rock or bounce in saddle)

30 Second – Fast Pedal 110+Rpm (hips should not rock or bounce in saddle)2 minutes (RPE: 5/10)

1 minute (RPE: 4-5/10)Intervals: 4 x 8 minute threshold w/4 minutes Rest Between Intervals Cool down: 5-10minutes as needed Threshold Intervals – These are an 8/10 in intensity and should be right at that point where you begin to notice a burning sensation in your legs.  If you are doing these on a trainer use speed as a gauge for intensity as well as perceived exertion.  Speed on a trainer should be consistent per effort just like a power meter.   Did you find this workout beneficial or are you looking for expert guidance with your coaching?  We can help you achieve your goals and FAST! LEARN MORE

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