Smarter Training with Smart Trainers

Curious about Smart Trainers? Coach Brady is here with the information you need before investing in this kind of technology.

Smart Trainers, like the Cycleops Hammer or Cycleops Magnus trainer, are nothing new to the training world.  The Computrainer has been around since 1986 and was the choice of so many athletes to utilize power for the first time or break monotony of long indoor winter training rides.  Personally, I have always disliked trainers.  It has never been about the trainer itself.  I began riding a bike because I like to be outside, to explore new roads, feel the wind on my face and the comradery of my fellow athletes.

Science of Speed Cycleops Hammer trainer

This perspective has all changed in the past 6 months.  I have become a huge fan of trainers.  It is not due to safety. It is not the excitement and entertainment of the virtual courses.  I have fallen in love with smart trainers because of the results they help to produce due to the increased accuracy in training execution.  In the past 6 months, several SoS athletes have begun using smart trainers for their training and have noticed remarkable increases in power at threshold.

We have not seen significant improvements because there has been a drastic shift in training protocol, the amount of hours ridden or an increase in prescribed intensity.  We feel these improvements are a result of the increase in the specificity of training for the athlete.  Each coach prescribes their athlete’s workouts, but the smart trainers are holding each of these athletes to their own personalized ranges.  Making sure the intensity is consistent and that athletes are following exactly what is prescribed for interval workouts is making large impacts!

If you are looking to increase your training results, it might be time to consider taking it indoors with a smart trainer.  Add a whole new level to that with SoS coaching or new interval workouts.  Email us at [email protected].

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