Sweat Testing

When we exert ourselves or stay in the heat, we begin to sweat and lose salt through the
pores of our skin. What we have to be sure to do after this is replenish that salt that was lost
through consumption via food/liquids. But how do we know how much we’re supposed to
have and how to avoid dehydration in the process? The solution is simple! With the sweat rate
test, we are able to see exactly how much sodium you lose, per 32oz, without you having to
even move from your seat.

When you come in for your test, we will connect two electrodes to gel pads placed on
your forearm and run the machine for about five minutes. This induces sweating in the spot of
the electrodes, allowing us to collect the sweat for about 30-45 minutes afterwards. With the
sample collected we run it through our analyzer and see exactly how much salt is lost through
your sweat.

So why is this something you would want to know? Salt plays a crucial role in how our
body functions, especially when exercising. By knowing if you lose a little or a lot of salt during
your typical workouts, you can hydrate different ways. For those that lose a higher amount of
sodium in their sweat, they will most likely benefit from drinking an electrolyte drink with a
specific amount of sodium before, during, and after they workout in order to stay hydrated and
keep their muscles working properly. With the Precision Hydration test, they are able to take
your data and the type of exercising you do and formulate a plan specific to your body’s needs
before, during, and after to keep you performing your best and help with recovery time. If your
goals or training change, you can go to your account and change the and a new plan will be
made based off of the sweat test results so that you only have to come in one time for the test!