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Welcome to the the place even your coach would want you to workout at!

Science of Speed’s Endurance Training Club

Science of Speed’s Endurance Training Club is the center of your fitness adventure.  Experience endurance workouts, strength training, recovery modalities and the fun and challenges that keep us working hard.  The Endurance Training Club offers everything the endurance athlete needs to be well prepared for each event that they participate in.  

Our cycling trainer classes provide you with structured interval workouts to challenge athletes at their own personalized training ranges, while simultaneously pushing you when it is needed most.

Strength classes help to strengthen the common weaknesses that endurance athletes battle, helping to prolong time in sport, increase overall strength and ultimately improve quality of life.

Recovery is a very important aspect of training that is often overlooked. Participating in one of our various recovery classes will help you to stay limber, increase blood flow to fatigued muscle tissue and decrease the side effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.  

What does being a member of the Endurance Training Club provide you?  Accessibility to our classes that are specifically designed to help athletes increase fitness and help to reduce the risk of sport related injuries. Members can also enjoy discounted rates on testing services.Schedule Appointment


Monthly – As Low As $65/month

Individual Class – $15/class

Personalized onsite training is available by appointment @ an hourly rate


  • 6:00 am Trainer Class
  • 7:00 am Strength


  • 6:00 pm Trainer Class (Could be switched with a run workout if necessary/requested)


  • 6:00 am Trainer Class


  • 6:00 pm  Trainer Class
  • 7:00 pm Strength



Schedule Appointment

  • 11:00 am Active Recovery

*Class availability and times are subject to change.

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