What’s the difference between a Bike Sizing and a Bike Fit?

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Do you know the difference? Sometimes cyclists think these two services are the same…but they just don’t compare. We’re breaking down the key elements of each.

Many athletes have had a sizing done at their local bike store. A sizing is a quick 15 minute or less adjustment of the saddle height and possibly fore-aft to get the saddle in a reasonable position for either a test ride or the first several weeks of riding. This allows you to get a feel for what needs to be adjusted. 

A fit is a more detailed approach that utilizes measurements and posturing of a rider to optimize saddle positioning, cleat placement, cockpit setup as well as the athlete’s history, goals, and any past history of injury. With this information, a fit specialist uses biomechanical knowledge to properly place a rider in an optimal position.

Curious about how a professional bike fit can help your ride more comfortably and more efficiently? Check out all of our bike fit services.

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