Athlete Question

From Lori: “I ride a “hand-me-down” QRoo Kilo size medium. Do not usually get any pain at all. Recently, left shoulder radiating up my neck…” Lori, One of the things I would recommend is that you look at affecting factors other than the bike.  I recommend this because nothing is stated about making any changes to your position on the bike.  With that being considered here are several things that I would consider: changes to training (volume, frequency, intensity or type of workout),  or any injuries you might have incurred off of the bike.  If none of this has occurred I would strongly consider having someone look at your fit and if there are no glaring issues the next step would be to consult your doctor.  The later is one of those that should be consider particularly if the pain persists.  Best of luck with your riding and I hope you are soon pain free! Cheers! Brady    

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