Base Training Plan – Mid Volume


Jumpstart your season with a base training program that features a moderate training volume.

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Base Training Plan – Mid Volume

Base training plans are not all the same. This plan takes a supercharged approach to help you build your aerobic capacity with middle-of-the-road training volume. Base build helps prepare the body for higher mileage training. It is designed to build mitochondrial density, aerobic capacity and prepares the body for higher intensity training. It can also produce great results in increases in FTP! This is a mid-volume training plan, requiring a moderate time commitment from athletes. Our series of aerobic building training plans will take you from your unfocused riding structure, or transition period, to a finely tuned aerobic machine in 8 weeks. Be aware: this training plan has tempo work for days!

Sport: Cycling

Distance goal: N/A

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: $36